Mostela Wildkamera Gehause - 18 mm

Diese Mostela Wildkamera gehause ist ein ideale Kompanion für studien des Marder und Wiesel. Es wird oft gebraucht mit ein Bushnell oder Reconyx Wildkamera (nicht eingeschlossen!).

The Mostela is a custom-made wooden box specially designed for capturing mustelids under optimal conditions. This product does not contain a camera trap itself, but it is often equipped with a Bushnell or Reconyx trail camera.

Which trail camera model is best to be used with the camera trap box?

We advise to use the Browning Dark Ops PRO X model with the camera trap box. This model has been extensively tested with the box and has proven to be fast enough in its triggering, providing high-quality footage (photo and video), good resolution, and comapct in size. You can find this model here.

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